Tagine Cooking – A Brief Introduction

Home chefs always search for new ideas in cooking or methods to serve their dishes. A method which quite many amateur chefs may have never heard of is tagine cooking. Tagine food is so named since earthenware pots are usually used. These pots are often a circular container covered by a big domed lid. This way of cooking is commonly found in Moroccan cuisine.

There are two common types of tagines, i.e. cooking and serving. They are basically the same except for that the serving type are usually glazed and painted in color. Traditionally, tagine cooking was done by burning charcoal, and stews consisting of lamb, fish and chicken were often cooked.

Tagine became more and more popular for the reason that it requires minimal amount of water, which was scarce at its place of origin. Besides, despite that the food inside are cooked for many hours, the covered lid helps to keep the moisture and juice inside. And the flavor of oil and spices could infuse into the food thoroughly.

In the tagine it may be uneasy to buy a nice tagine. Nowadays tagines could be found in mage stores and home accessory stores alongside cookware. You can even find them on Amazon. There are a variety of tagines with different sizes and styles. The price could be as cheap at $20 or as expensive as $100 or more.

Like how you buy other cookware, budget and personal choice always come into consideration. Anyhow, please note that nowadays most tagines are serving type. You will need to spend some time to research the market if you want an authentic cooking type tagine (which you don’t necessarily need to buy).

Before you cook the food, you need to prepare your tagine. The simplest way to do this is to soak the tagine in water for a few hours (you can place it in a washing sink). After that, dry the tagine and coat the interior of the base and the lid with a thin coat of olive oil. You then need to put it in an unheated oven before you raise the temperature to around 320 deg. Fahrenheit. Remove the tagine from the oven 2 hours later, allow it to cool down. Coat the tagine with another coat of olive oil. Now you can store your tagine before using it for the first time.

Need ideas to cook? You can find many tagine recipes online. Just search “tagine cooking” in Google. Most of these recipes are traditional ones that features chicken, fish and lamb cooking with garlic. However to add some creativity you can try other ingredients and spices.

With a proper oven the overall cooking time is just 30 to 40 minutes, making tagine cooking an easy thing to do. Tagines are quite durable, if you properly use and wash your tagine, it should be able to service you for many years to come.

Cooking with tagine is definitely a fun process. And since it’s not so difficult, may amateur cooks would find using tagine enjoyable.

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