Kids in the Kitchen – Dinner Ideas for Tots

Raising children can be a challenging endeavor and every parent tries their best to raise their kids in the best possible fashion in the hopes that their children will be equipped with all the skills necessary to become thriving and happy adults. One of the very best things you can do for your kids is spend quality time with them, and taking advantage of the time set aside for meal preparation is a great way to do that! Coming up with dinner ideas together and then working side by side to execute those easy dinner ideas is a terrific opportunity to send time with the kids. In addition to the quality bonding time, there are many other positive benefits to getting children involved in the kitchen!

Conjuring dinner ideas helps kids feel a sense of accomplishment and contribution.

Getting involved in meal preparation encourages kids to try healthier more diverse foods.

Cooking is a far more constructive activity than watching TV or playing video games.

Cooking is a skill which will be useful and applicable throughout your child’s life.

With such a plethora of positive benefits, it certainly makes sense to involve your children in mealtime preparation! Here are a few easy dinner ideas to get started!

Chipotle Sweet Potato Bisque

This deliciously simple dinner idea is a great meal to prepare with the kids because the prep work, which consists of chopping and peeling vegetables is easily divisible. Be mindful of course to carefully supervise children when they are handling knives. For younger children and a general peace of mind, plastic knife kits which are made especially for children are available at most home and kitchen goods stores!

Three Cheese Vegetable Lasagna

This lasagna is a fun idea for dinner because kids will love stacking the layers of noodles and delicious ricotta! The assembly will be a hit, but just as exciting is when this flavorful dish is removed from the oven and your children can view and taste their finished creation!

Ancho Tamarind Pork Stew

Though younger kids are likely to be entertained and easily interested in helping out in the kitchen, you may be met with slight opposition from older, more mature adolescents. Don’t be discouraged! The trick here is to tackle more challenging dinner ideas together. This Ancho Tamarind Stew for example, is a dizzying array of exotic and unfamiliar ingredients. It presents a mystery and a challenge all at once and completing this dish will be an accomplishment you and your child can achieve together!

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