Indian Style Very Similar Chinese Chili Chicken

Indian style chinese chili chicken in gravy, cooked with lots of onions and green chilies. Very tasty, very must eat to it. Just over a year ago Zack had his first Christmas Eve dinner with us and some of our friends here in Luna Pier. An hour prior, he called to ask, “Do I need to wear a suit? I’ve never been to one of these things!” And this-coming Easter Sunday after anchoring the 13abc morning news in Toledo (he doesn’t mind working the Christian holidays), Zack will join us with Mary’s brothers for Easter dinner.

I love Indo-Chinese dishes, it’s really tastes simply superb spiced up with Indian seasonings and Chinese cooking style. Last week when this here German Lutheran was holed up in a Catholic hospital, Mary found the book Cooking Jewish in the hospital’s gift shop and bought me a copy. I already love this book! There are some incredible recipes in here and while there are no photos of the completed dishes it’s not difficult to visuallize how they’d turn out. But what’s even more endearing about the book is the whole “family” aspect of the overall writing. The family tree is laid out, charts indicate which family member is related to which and how that happens (i.e., Fanny Vitner is Silvia Robbin’s mother), and a written history goes back over 100 years. Indian Chinese chili chicken is Stir fried boneless chicken in fiery curry or tossed dry.

Indian Chinese Fusion cooking is one of my favorite. White Chicken Chilli Recipes selected by the collective tastebuds of the masses from Group Recipes. Yesterday evening Mary made Hilda Robbins’ Cherry Chili Chicken from Cooking Jewish. When I handed him the dish from the photo at the beginning of this post he said, “I can’t eat this much before a game. I’ll throw up!” However the dish is so good he couldn’t help but eat it all as well as taking more with him. Calling after the game he said he didn’t feel nauseous at all, but instead felt he had the energy of a 12-year-old, scoring 15 points.

Chili chicken [http://indomunch.com/Chicken.html] dry is very similar to the chicken prepared by Chinese people living in India. This recipe makes a lot of food. The book says it serves 8 but take a closer look. There are two chickens 3 – 4 lbs each, each cut into eight pieces. The dishes are packed hygienically and delivered in fresh, hot condition. A few changes we made were to use golden raisins vs. dark raisins, granulated garlic instead of powdered, and a Chardonnay for the white wine. We also served it on a bed of buttered white rice.

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