Immersion Blenders Make Cooking Fun and Easy

A hand blender, also called an immersion blender, is an electric stick-like appliance with the blade of a blender at the end. Its long length allows you to place it into a pot of soup or a tall glass to mix smoothies. Blend your favorite protein shake, make breakfast in a glass, and fix quick and easy meals with this handy device.

If you love to puree soups, then this gadget should be a part of your kitchen arsenal. Many people use food processors, but they are very time consuming. You have to transfer small batches of soup into the processor, blend it and then pour it into another container. It is a messy ordeal and results in several dirty dishes and spills.

If you own an immersion blender all you would need to do is insert the wand into your favorite soup while it is still in the pot and press a button. Regular hand held mixer results do not compare. Clean up is quick and effortless. No need to take apart your food processor and wash the extra containers you used. Hand blenders are also dishwasher safe. It hardly takes up space and fits easily in a drawer.

If you do not like food stains on your kitchen appliances, I would recommend buying a stainless steal device. The blade assemblies come apart on most models and can be washed separately. They come in different ranges of speed and power.

Many of the models come with accessories and attachments. Some manufacturers include a beaker that holds several cups of liquid. There are also whisk and chopper attachments & accessories included with some models. Be sure to buy a brand with a covered blade. This will prevent splatters and the blade from scratching your pots like traditional hand mixers. The chopper is a great accessory because you can use it to dice onions in seconds. No more tears!

Get ready to make creamy mashed potatoes, silky cake icing, chunky salsa, smooth pancake batter and lump-free soup. The consistency and power make short work of time-consuming tasks done in a food processor. An immersion blender makes cooking fun and easy.

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