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Getting The Most From Your Outdoor Stew Pots For Thanksgiving

Whether you are going camping or simply want to dine all fresco you may want to use outdoor stew pots. Stews are often heart warming and especially welcome when camping or dining outside in cold weather. If you are a fan of classics like hot pot or Moroccan tangine then why not enjoy cooking them outside?

Stew pots coming in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you intend to regularly use one it is probably best to use one made of a solid material like cast iron. If you intend to entertain a lot of people outside it may be worth choosing a four gallon pot.

Some pots come with stands that let you have a heating source directly underneath whether it is propane or a more traditional gas fire. With stews it is generally agreed the most effective method is slow cooking, so make sure you keep the heat source going at a lower temperature. The food is often better for a lengthy steeping, allowing the flavors to mature and develop.

When people think of stews, they generally think of something like a thick concoction of chicken with vegetables, possibly with dumplings. This can be delicious and a great way of getting kids to eat plenty of vegetables. However you are not limited to this.

For example, with some spices and apricots you can make an excellent lamb tangine. With ready made creole sauce, king prawns and chicken you can make a very appetizing jambalaya. Another great recipe to try is a curry, perfect for a range of ingredients.

When looking online for outdoor stew pots, bear in mind how many people you are likely to cook for and where you will use it. Some models are bigger than others. If you are going hiking you may not want a four gallon pot. With the right option you can enjoy a heart warming all fresco dining experience. If you are going to have an outdoor Thanksgiving we suggest using a outdoor stew pot.

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