Can I Go on Medifast If I’m a Vegetarian? I’ll Tell You

I recently received an email from someone who was very impressed with the medifast results that a friend had enjoyed.  The friend had gone down six dress sizes and the writer was hoping to have the same results. But, this person was not sure if this diet would work for her because she was a vegetarian and she did not know if there were going to be enough foods to give her enough variety.  She asked me: “does medifast make foods or a diet for vegetarians, and, if so, can you give from some information or facts about it?”  I will do just that in the following article.  

How Many Of The Medifast Foods Are Vegetarian?:  Not all of the foods are vegan or vegetarian, but many are.  I will list those momentarily, but first, I want for you to understand the basics of how this diet works.  You are supposed to eat six times per day.  If it makes things easier, you can look at this as breakfast, lunch, two snacks and then a larger “lean and green meal.”  To be fair, you can eat the “lean and green” anytime that you wish, but most people have it for dinner so that they can eat with their families and / or take their time in preparing it.  The only real requirement for this is that it have 5 -7 ounces of lean protein and three servings of vegetables.  You should try to have low glycemic veggies so that you don’t have difficulty getting into ketosis (which is where you burn through fat rather than sugars and carbs.) I know it’s not commonly perceived that veggies contain a lot of carbs or sugars, but there are some that do.

With that out of the way, here’s a look at which foods fall under the meatless or vegetarian umbrella.  These are: the shakes (all flavors of the 55, the 70, appetite suppression, joint health, women’s health, antioxidant, and the ready to drink); the cocoa, cappuccino, and lattes; the crunch bars; the oatmeals; the entire momentum line; the scrambled eggs (although these would not work for vegans); the cream soups; as well as the crisps, pretzels, puffs, and chips.

Going Vegetarian With Your “Lean And Green Meal”:  As I said, the only real requirement for this is that you are getting fresh foods and that you provide protein and vegetables.  I’m sure that you know that it’s not at all difficult to get protein via carefully chosen vegetables.

There are also many commercially available products that are meant to be vegetarian options of popular foods. Examples are garden burger,  mama mia meatless meatballs, sizzlin veggie sausage,  Boca burgers, etc.  You can also do amazing things with tofu and TVP.  Or, you can get your protein from eggs, nuts, or cheese.  You just want to make sure that all options are lean.  Other than that, you really are not all that limited.

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